Spanish will

If you have assets in Spain you must make a Spanish Will. If you have already made a Will it is highly likely you need to revise it due to Directive 650/2012 that came into force on the 17th of August of 2015. MAR CONSULTORES can help you make your Spanish Will and advise you whether a revision is necessary.

Making a Spanish Will is easy, quick and relatively cheap. We can help prepare your Will. In all cases, we will discuss your wishes with you and make sure that your Spanish estate is left to your loved ones in the most tax efficient way.

We will also make sure it combines correctly with your English Will. Your Spanish Will is written in two columns, English and Spanish and it will be witnessed by a local Spanish Notary (and by an English Notary if you wish) and registered at the Central Wills Register in Madrid.

If you already have a Spanish Will, but feel that you wish to change it, or simply feel that you would like a second opinion to make sure there is no better way of organizing your last wishes, we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your situation. We are happy to review your document and provide you with advice free of charge on the best course of action.