Preventive advocacy

“Anticipate the problem”

During my professional career I have been able to verify how a great majority of the matters that have ended in the Courts could have been avoided with a simple, adequate prior advice.

Courts are not the solution to all our conflicts. The current system is not efficient, the Courts are collapsed at all levels and the response capacity is slow and limited. Added to this are the legal costs and above all the emotional cost that a citizen entails to initiate a judicial procedure that will have an uncertain outcome and will last for years.

Preventive law is a way of practicing the legal profession based on techniques aimed at anticipating and preventing legal problems and conflicts. For this reason, a preventive approach to any matter is eminently proactive and is oriented to the avoidance of future conflicts.


The key to the practice of preventive advocacy is anticipating the problem, therefore it is necessary that counseling occurs before it arises. For this, the active participation of the clients is essential and request advice at the appropriate time. The preventive lawyer will offer the best legal advice, trying to anticipate future problems to prevent them.

Preventive law has clear benefits for the client because it is much faster, prevents future problems, reduces stress and emotional tension, is cheaper and also creates a special bond with the lawyer that will last over time.

In Abogados MAR Consultores we can anticipate the problem. There are many situations in which “prevention is better than cure” and that this firm can anticipate and avoid future disputes. For example:

  • A custody agreement or regulatory agreement before a Divorce
  • An Agreement of Parental-Filial Measures before the breakdown of coexistence
  • The prenuptial contract or adequate choice of a matrimonial regime
  • The signing of a purchase and sale contract and its legal consequences
  • The sale of a home with your partner
  • The extinction of the condominium of the real estate in common after a break
  • The donation or writing of a will to prevent problems between heirs
  • Estate Planning
  • The preventive power in case of disability
  • The signing of a mortgage loan with relatives
  • The regulation of a community of goods between several people
  • The signing of a lease and its future consequences

Abogado MAR Consultores can help you in all branches of law with preventive advocacy, even if you already arrive with the notification of a lawsuit. There are always options to redirect your conflict. Trust the experience. We solve the problem for you.

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