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Spanish probate, Spanish inheritance tax, Letters of administration/ Inheritance claims

Inheritance / Probate

MAR CONSULTORES offers an efficient probate service to British clients with assets in Spain. We have built a wealth of experience in probate cases over the past 25 years. We cover the inheritance procedure from start to finish, including all aspects of estate administration, a full evaluation  of estate assets, tax liability agreement, applying for a grant of probate and executing it in Spain.

Most of our probate cases involve winding up Spanish estates using a Spanish Will. If there is no  Will in Spain then the procedure is more complex, but we can work through this by co-validate your English Will. If there is no will at all then the procedure is more complex still, but we have handled many such cases and will be happy to assist you.

Our probate services cover the following:

  • Spanish wills
  • Execution of UK probate to assets in Spain
  • Capital Gains and inheritance tax planning
  • Spanish probate and estate administration
  • Inheritance claims

Inheritance Claim

Mar Consultores can make a claim on your behalf against a Family Estate, offering a free assessment of your situation to establish if we have grounds for a case or not.

We fully understand the difficult personal situations surrounding these cases but are strong believers in children not being left out of their parent´s Will if Spanish law results applicable. We are experts  in all matters concerning Spanish inheritance cases.

In this case, we will establish timescales and fees with no obligation before we start work on your case. We will then provide a proposal in writing. We will always build the case with the intention of negotiating an out of court settlement before presenting to the courts.

We do not provide a below the market quote for the work and then surprise our clients with fees for the extra items. We handle cases anywhere in Spain at no extra cost.

Spanish inheritance tax

It is very important to work with an expert when dealing with inheritance tax in Spain as the system  is complex and both presentation and payment is done by self-assessment. Inheritance tax is different depending on where in Spain the heirs live as each region of Spain has additional exemption rates  not necessarily available on the national system.

We will also make sure that the Sentence of the European Court of Justice of 3rd of September of 2014 (which sentenced Spain for discriminating against non-residents regarding inheritance tax exemptions) is correctly involved, allowing non-resident heirs since that date to claim the same exemptions rates as residents in certain cases.

Introduction to our inheritance services

At Abogados Mar Consultores, we are aware that inheritance planning and management can be a complex and emotional process. That is why we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive service to our customers. As inheritance lawyers, with more than 25 years of experience, we accompany and advise at every step of the process, from planning to finalizing the inheritance.

Drafting of Spanish Wills by Expert Lawyers

Among our services is the drafting of Spanish wills. Our experienced will attorneys work diligently to ensure that your wishes are properly embodied in this crucial document. We focus on all the details so that the will is in line with Spanish law and guarantees a smooth transition of your assets.

International Inheritance Execution: A Complex Process Simplified

International inheritances can be particularly challenging due to the differences in the laws of each country. Our team of international inheritance lawyers have extensive experience in executing inheritances for British citizens with assets or ties in Spain. With our international inheritance lawyers, you can be sure that your interests are protected, regardless of the jurisdiction involved.

Estate Tax Planning: Maximizing Your Estate

Another of our key services is inheritance tax planning. Our inheritance lawyers have a solid background in Spanish tax law and specialize in optimizing the tax burden to protect the value of your estate.

Declaration of Heirs and Resolution of Conflicts between Heirs

Our lawyers can assist you in the declaration of heirs, a necessary legal procedure in the absence of a will. The cost of a declaration of heirs without a will can vary, but at Mar Consultores, we offer you a competitive price for this vital service.

Likewise, we are here to help you navigate any possible disputes that may arise between the heirs. If you need an inheritance challenge attorney, our team has the experience and skill to protect your interests.

Conclusion: Abogados Mar Consultores, Your Ally in Inheritance Matters

If you are looking for inheritance lawyers, you are in the right place. At Mar Consultores, as inheritance and will lawyers, we are proud to offer our clients a range of high-quality services to cover all their inheritance and succession needs.
Whether you need help drafting a will, executing an international estate, estate tax planning, probate declaration, or facing an estate challenge, our team of estate attorneys is ready to help. assist you.
At Mar Consultores, we make inheritance management easy. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your situation. We are happy to review your document and provide you with advice free of charge on the best course of action.